CC Medico’s Air Launcher nozzle eases aerosol can recycling

CC Medico’s Air Launcher nozzl...
Air Launcher JET Alpha nozzle
Air Launcher JET Alpha nozzle
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Air Launcher JET Alpha nozzle
Air Launcher JET Alpha nozzle

February 1, 2008 In an era where the need to reduce, reuse and recycle is a the top of the agenda, any innovation that helps in this regard is a welcome one. In providing a solution to the specific problem of recycling aerosol cans, Tokyo-based company CC Medico has developed the Air Launcher JET Alpha nozzle, a new type of aerosol nozzle which is easily removed and separated from the can by hand, which makes recycling the cans much easier.

According to the EPA , over 1.6 billion aerosol cans such as brake cleaners and degreasers are used annually in the US industrial and automotive communities. Traditionally, these cans and household aerosols such as hairspray and deodorants have been difficult to recycle due to the difficulty in removing the plastic part from the can.

The Air Launcher nozzle will fit various gas cylinders including cans of hairspray, insecticide, car waxing and cleaning products and, unlike other aerosols, the Air Launcher uses a trigger action that can provide longer spraying times covering a larger area and has a variety of nozzle tips for sprays such as mist, foam or powder. It can be used with steel and aluminum cans from 300ml to 840ml. The nozzle is interchangeable with different sized canisters so it can be removed from one partially-used can and used on another can, therefore you can use as much or as little as you need.

Considering the number of aerosols in use today, from insecticides to air fresheners, the Air Launcher could make recycling aerosol cans much easier and perhaps the percentage of waste the USA recycles each year will increase.

The Air Launcher will be displayed at the 65th Annual Tokyo International Gift Show, 2008 and will be available from February, 2008.

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