Although aerodynamics play a part in the design of all road bikes, triathlon bikes tend to be particularly aero-focused. Ceepo's 2019 Shadow-R really takes things to an extreme, by doing away with the traditional wind-catching vertical front fork.

The Shadow-R utilizes what Ceepo calls the SideFork. The main part of it, to which the wheel is attached, sits horizontally – this minimizes its effective frontal area, reducing drag. That horizontal section is linked to the bike's steerer/handlebars via slim fender-like bits that curve up over the front and back of the wheel, basically replacing its frontal area.

As an added bonus, the SideFork's shock-absorbing flexibility is claimed to reduce road vibrations in the handlebars.

If you're interested in getting a Shadow-R, it's being sold as a frame/fork combo which is compatible with Shimano Di2, Sram E-Tap, Sram 1By and FSA electric groupsets. Both the frame and fork are made entirely of high-modulus carbon fiber, and have a combined weight of 3.68 kg (8.11 lb) – buyer-supplied components not included.

Like the CeramicSpeed DrivEn shaft-drive system that we just covered, the Shadow-R has also recently received an award at the Eurobike show in Germany. We've reached out to Ceepo regarding pricing and availability, but have yet to hear back.

Source: Ceepo via BikeRadar

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