Wanna drink some moon dust? Well, if it's not too late, you still may have the chance. Late last month, Delaware-based brewer Dogfish Head began serving up a limited-run Oktoberfest beer made from the stuff.

Known as Celest-jewel-ale, the beer is made using crushed lunar meteorites obtained from nearby spacesuit manufacturer ILC Dover – so no, nobody actually went to the Moon to get the raw ingredients. According to Dogfish Head, "These certified moon jewels are made up primarily of minerals and salts, helping the yeast-induced fermentation process and lending this traditional German style a subtle but complex earthiness (Or is it mooniness?)."

The 5-percent alcohol beer also contains German malts and hops, and is said to have "notes of doughy malt, toasted bread, subtle caramel and a light herbal bitterness."

As an added bonus, Celest-jewel-ale is served in a koozie made by ILC out of the same materials used in the company's spacesuits. It's only available at the Dogfish Head pub in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, however ... and you don't get to keep the koozie.

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