If you're looking for an easy way to make your contribution to saving the planet, then it could be as simple as switching your font to 'Century Gothic'. University of Wisconsin - Green Bay (UWGB) has rolled out the change this semester, saying it uses 30% less ink than its default font Arial when printed.

Century Gothic is apparently even more economical than a well-known "eco-font", and when printer ink can cost US$10,000 a gallon it's a great eco-friendly initiative that not only helps the planet but also saves money.

UWGB is keen to minimize use of its resources with the aim of being more environmentally conscious and has committed to a five year plan to "go green". Director of Computing and Information Technology Diane Blohowiak is head of the committee that implemented the decision, and students and staff returned to campus after spring-break to find their default e-mail typeface had made the switch.

So far everybody seems content with the change, and hopefully the ease of this cost-saving green initiative will see more people going "gothic".