CERN is currently digitizing over 50 years worth of its old black and white photographs to make them searchable via the Cern Document Server. However, the subject of many of the photos has been lost in the sands of time and the researchers can’t work out what’s what. If you know your Large Hadron Collider from your Low Energy Antiproton Ring, then be sure to read on and lend a hand ...

The batch of 120,000 black and white images being digitized right now dates from between 1955 to 1985, and in some cases lack a written description. Though home to some of the world’s best minds, CERN’s team of researchers – made up of the Collaboration and Information Services Group (IT-CIS) and the Scientific Information Service (GS-SIS) – is stumped, and so has turned to the internet for help.

If you know what this is, then let CERN know (Photo: CERN)

Even to a layman, the images are very interesting, though it’s anyone’s guess what they depict. If you feel up to the challenge, be sure to check out the selection in the gallery, and then visit the source link below for CERN’s photo archive contact details.

Source: CERN

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