Seatbelt add-on enhances driver control

Seatbelt add-on enhances drive...
The CG-Lock
The CG-Lock
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The CG-Lock
The CG-Lock

November 5, 2008 What the CG-Lock does is simple, but the benefits it lays claim to - with credentials boosted by its use on Top Gear and the set of the latest Bond film - are worth noting. The three ounce device clips onto your seatbelt and is used to tighten and hold the lapbelt while leaving the shoulder strap loose. In day-to-day use this prevents sliding towards the pedals and improves driver posture, while on track days or during serious off-roading it boosts control and safety.

The CG-Lock takes a few minutes to attach to the tongue of your existing seat belt and is tightened by pulling up on the shoulder harness. The design is said to provide you with 80% of the holding power of a full racing harness and has been tested not to interfere with the safety of your seat belt.

The GC lock sells for around £40.

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