The Chameleon Pen is so-called because it's capable of producing multiple color tones and seamless blending, all using the same single pen. Therefore, the ink which it produces changes color tone in front of your very eyes, going from light to dark as the toner dissipates.

This feat is made possible by a combination of alcohol ink and toner, which are combined together using a mixing nib. This means you can use the pen as a standard color pen, or add some toner to the nib to produce a softer, paler shade that will gradually darken as the pen is used.

Each Chameleon Pen features two important elements. At one end is a replaceable supersoft brush nib and a refillable chamber filled with alcohol ink. At the other end is a mixing nib and a refillable mixing chamber filled with toning medium.

If you want a lighter shade of that color, you simply hold the mixing nib to the alcohol nib until enough of the toner has leeched onto the color. You more you draw, the more the toner will wear off until the original color returns. This opens up some intriguing possibilities for artists and inkers everywhere.

A prototype of the Chameleon Pen has been around for 18 months, and the product was launched as a limited edition this time last year. However, the company has now turned to Kickstarter in order to fund the production of new colors and help publicize the product.

With hopes to raise US$25,000, a pledge of $5 gets you one Chameleon Pen, $70 gets you 20 pens, and $175 should see you receive all 50 available colors if and when the creators deliver on their promises. The product is expected to ship in February 2016.

The video embedded below shows the Chameleon Pen in action.

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