Can’t find your car? DON’T WORRY, HERE I AM!

Can’t find your car? DON’T WOR...
The Chevrolet K.I.T.T.Y
The Chevrolet K.I.T.T.Y
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The Chevrolet K.I.T.T.Y
The Chevrolet K.I.T.T.Y

December 5, 2007 Now here's an interesting statistic: an estimated 12 million shopping hours are expected to be spent looking for lost cars this month in the UK alone as forgetful motorists struggle to remember where they parked amidst the Christmas rush. One solution offered by Chevrolet is to have your car shout at you so you know where to find it.

K.I.T.T.Y (Key Innovation That Talks to You) is a handy handbag-sized remote-controlled talking alert, which enables the car to shout a personalized message to its owner, thereby making it easier to locate their misplaced vehicle. The device has a range of 183 meters and will be trialed in a number of cars over the Christmas shopping period to help put an end to drivers’ wayward car park wanderings.

Research shows that 20% of UK car drivers admit they lose their car at least once a fortnight with 1 in 20 (6 per cent) saying they lose it once a week. This equates to the average driver losing their car 11 times a year – spending an around 26 minutes a month looking for it. Although 52 per cent of drivers find their car within 15 minutes, the K.I.T.T.Y would be a welcome device for many to save time. We can see some interesting scenarios arising if the use of K.I.T.T.Y becomes widespread though - a car park full of lost cars shouting over the top of each other might not deliver the desired result.

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