While beer is best served chilled, everyone who’s tried it knows that beer and ice generally aren’t a good mix. Most options to keep the beer cold once out of the fridge, like beer koozies or the Chill Puck, work from the outside in, but a new device called the Chillsner turns things around. This freezable metal spike fits inside a beer bottle to keep your brew ice cold from the inside out.

The main body of the Chillsner is filled with a non-toxic thermal gel that can be cooled down to freezing temperatures. After 45 minutes in a freezer, the stainless steel rod can be slotted inside a 9-inch (23 cm) or taller long-neck bottle with an airtight seal at the top to keep it secure. Four flow vents near the top let you drink your beer like normal.

Hewy Wine Chillers LLC, the company behind the Chillsner, previously produced a similar product called the "Corkcicle," which did a similar job on bottles of wine. It's a simple solution, but one many beer lovers might embrace – anything to avoid that that final lukewarm mouthful of beer at the bottom of every bottle.

The Chillsner is now available for pre-order at a price of US$29.95, with shipping expected to begin in early June. Each package will contain two Chillsners, along with a freezer case for storing them upright and two drink coasters.

Source: Chillsner

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