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Chobi Cam is the new king of miniature cameras

Chobi Cam is the new king of m...
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Not unlike the Mini-digi which we covered a few weeks back, the Chobi Cam from Japan Trust Technologies gives you the power to shoot photos and videos using a device no bigger than an eraser. Even smaller than the Mini-Digi (2.5 x 1.8 x 1.2 inches), the Chobi Cam measures a miniscule 1.7 x 1.1 x 0.5 inches and weighs only half an ounce.

Data is stored on a microSD card, which potentially gives you an enormous amount of storage capacity for a diminutive camera. Video files are stored in AVI format, and at a resolution of 1280 x 960. As for still photos, the Chobi Cam shoots at 2048 x 1536 and uses the standard jpeg file format. Surprisingly this camera can also be used as a voice recorder as well, capable of recording up to 50 minutes of audio.

The camera charges via a USB cable (included) and can be fully juiced in about 120 minutes. In addition, it comes with a regular external charger that you can plug into a regular outlet.

The price is not very large either at just over US$100 (JPY9980). For now it can be purchased via JTT's website, which is unfortunately Japanese language only. Some speciality websites like GeekStuff4U are selling the Chobi Cam, so if you absolutely must have the tiniest camera in your neighborhood you can try ordering it there.

JTT via AV Watch.

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Joan Fahlgren
Cool camera. Went to the JTT website, Google Toolbar asked me if I would like to have it translated, said yes and the language was no problem. Don\'t really need another camera but am sorely tempted.
I just got the camera (pictures aren\'t sharp at all and have this purple hue). It definitely is not worth the money. Mine didn\'t come with a manual and I emailed the Japanese company that sold it to me (no reply from them). The videos are showing January 2007 and also date picture taken is 2007 and I emailed JTT support on how to change the date\\time because I don\'t know how (they didn\'t reply either). I say \"Save your $$$.\"
I finally heard from the company on how to change the date\\time after emailing them again and they were sorry that it took them time to reply for my first email.
\'New king of Digital Cameras\'? I beg to differ. I bought a \'spy item\'. A digital wrist watch with 8gbs of memory. Has a built in mp3 play, camera, video camera and a mic. Plus with my small camera I don\'t have to hide it to take a picture or worry about losing it...it\'s a WRISTWATCH.