Although they're not a common sight, there are already kits that let you replace a motorbike's rear wheel with a snowmobile-like tread, and swap its front wheel with a ski. What could make a bike more snow-worthy than that? Well, how about if it had a powered tread in the front, too? That's just what Christini's II-Track Snow Bike system offers winter riders.

The system must be added to one of the company's existing all-wheel-drive motorbikes – either the 450 four-stroke model or the 300 two-stroke bike.

The rear track (which will be supplied by a yet-to-be-determined third party) is driven by the bike's chain, just like the rear wheel would be. A shaft drive running down the fork delivers power to the front tread.

That tread extends down through a split ski, which helps the front end of the bike to "float" on the snow – the amount that it protrudes beneath the ski can be tweaked, depending on whether the rider is going on soft snow, packed snow, mud or sand.

As an added bonus, the front tread not only provides extra climbing and accelerating traction, but also acts as a brake when stopped.

Company president Steve Christini tells us that although the II-Track concept was first announced several months ago, the prototype was unveiled just recently. Pricing and availability have yet to be determined, although the base bike itself will cost you at least US$8,395.

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