Chrysler PT Cruiser – the four-seater Cabrio

Chrysler PT Cruiser – the four-seater Cabrio
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April 26, 2006 Spacious four-seat soft-tops are not exactly commonplace, and certainly not on a budget, but the with the Chrysler Group launching its new right-hand drive PT Cruiser Cabrio in the UK at the end of April 200, the retro ragtop is definitely worth a look. With its power-folding, soft retractable roof and versatile cargo-carrying ability, the PT Cruiser Cabrio offers versatility and practicality.

The B-pillar mounted Sport Bar is shaped to guide airflow over rear seat passengers and to generate the minimum turbulence and noise. With the exceptionally low levels of noise generated when the roof is lowered, passengers can easily carry on conversations while driving. The added thickness of the three-layer, top-grade standard cloth top and state-of-the-art, best sealing ‘smart glass’ side windows also reduce road noise when the top is up.

The exterior of the new PT Cruiser Cabrio shares the fresh new look of the hatchback that was launched at the end of 2005. Exterior enhancements include smoother front and rear fascias – including a distinctive front grille with chrome accents and the Chrysler winged badge – and re-styled headlamps that feature a scallop along the bottom edge, plus fresh-look circular front fog lamps.

"Nearly all PT Cruiser customers tell us that one of the key reasons they buy a PT is the stunning design, so our designers have made sure that we haven’t lost the car’s unique looks."

The new exterior is only part of the story – while the all–new interior is quieter and boasts a host of improvements. Unlike any of its convertible competitors, the PT Cruiser Cabrio gives owners the versatility of nine different seating combinations and an unusually large boot, which is 50 per cent larger than that of the VW Beetle.

The interior has a tip-and-slide front passenger seat for easy access to the individually styled twin rear seats. These rear seats can be split 50/50, and folded and tumbled to greatly extend boot space.

In the UK, the PT Cruiser Cabrio is powered by a 2.4-litre, normally-aspirated engine generating 141 bhp. The right-hand drive cabriolet, with five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission, will be available at the end of April 2006 priced from £16,650 for the manual and £17,470 for the auto.

View gallery - 12 images
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