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Chunc an innovative design in wheelchair technology

Chunc an innovative design in wheelchair technology
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November 5, 2004 An innovative design has been fused with modern technologies and contemporary aesthetics in the Chunc Junior, a manual attendant controlled paediatric wheelchair for children and young adults with moderate to profound disability. Mobility products makers Chunc designed the Chunc Junior in conjunction with a clients and healthcare professionals to take into account the users needs as well as the impact of the wheelchair on those it comes into contact with.

Emphasis has been placed on producing a wheelchair which is easy to operate, economical to maintain and, above all, provides uncompromising adjustability. Chunc's unique modular design allows it to be adapted to suit individual user's needs and provide a tailored solution. When the chair becomes too small - or if the child's needs change, Chunc can be modified to accommodate them. Chunc also has a number of colour coded components making them easily identifiable for the carer to operate.

The wheelchair has been designed for both indoor and outdoor use, but not specifically for rough terrain, so care should be taken when operating in extreme environments.

Chunc Junior Features:

Wheel Locks.

Foot engaged wheel locks, designed to prevent a stationary wheelchair from moving

Anti Tipping Lever.

Designed to increase wheelchair stability, reducing the possibility of a tip.

Tippling Lever.

Enables the wheelchair to be tipped onto its rear wheels, allowing it to negotiate obstacles

Tilt in Space.

The tilt angle of the chair can be adjusted, enabling the seat to be set to a more beneficial angle.

Swing Away Foot Rests.

The foot rests can be swung underneath the chair allowing easy access to the seat (selected models only).

Height Adjustable Hand Grips.

The hand grips are height adjustable, allowing the attendant a more comfortable interface with the wheelchair.

Removable Arm/Back Rests.

The Arm / Back rests can be removed to aid transfer and allow the wheelchair to compacted for storage.

Tie Down Points.

Crash tested to ISO7176, the wheelchair is suitable for use in a Motorized vehicle, and has 4 inbuilt tie down points.

Removable Seat Pan.

The seat pan can be removed for ease of cleaning.

Removable / Washable Covers.

Chunc upholstered cushions have removable, washable, antibacterial covers.

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