Cimagine has updated its markerless AR system with new functionality, allowing users to place multiple virtual objects in a real environment. It's another promising step for the company, which recently brought its tech to consumers via a partnership with Shop Direct, the UK's fourth-largest online retailer.

We were impressed with Cimagine's smartphone and tablet-based markerless augmented reality engine when we tried it out at the Augmented Reality/Wearable Technology Show in London earlier this year, but at that stage, it only allowed users to place a single object in the real world space around them. The newly-enhanced version of the platform promises to take things to the next level, allowing users to see an array of virtual products laid out in their living room.

Cimagine believes that the improvement will prove a significant one for both the company, and the wider AR space in general, with retailers able to suggest additional products to customers, showing them exactly how they would look together in the same space, and interior decorators able to more easily plan entire rooms. The update also allows users to share whole sets of items, furthering the social aspects of the platform.

The company is showing the enhanced version of its AR engine at the Augmented World Expo in Silicon Valley this week. It's also taking the opportunity to demonstrate the platform working with Google Cardboard headsets – low-cost virtual reality solutions that recently received an upgrade to allow compatibility with smartphones with display sizes up to 6-inches. Through Cardboard, users are able to experience the AR engine in immersive 3D, with control handled via voice commands.

Source: Cimagine

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