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Citizen releases personal doctor healthcare system

Citizen releases personal doctor healthcare system
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July 6, 2005 As the world ages, the health care system will come under a lot of pressure in coming decades and with one of the oldest populations, Japan is more accutely aware of this than any country. hence, we suspect, the reason for this latest device which could be a portent of things to come in all nations - home health care devices. Citizen Watch and its subsidiary Citizen Systems Corporation have developed what is being marketed as a personal doctor" home health care management system which will go on sale in Tokyo this Friday. The system comes with a blood pressure monitor, PC computer software for health management and tracking of the main vital stats and a wireless connection kit which transmits the readings from the blood pressure monitor to the PC.

The entire kit with wireless communications will cost JPY15, 750 when it goes on sale, and the unit is aimed at the home market for people to monitor and store all their main health numbers (weight, body fat ratio and blood pressure).

Full details (in Japanese) here.

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