Clarion’s latest touch panel controlled in-car multimedia unit

Clarion’s latest touch panel c...
Clarion VRX578RUSB
Clarion VRX578RUSB
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Clarion VRX578RUSB
Clarion VRX578RUSB

November 30, 2007 Clarion has released their latest in-car multimedia unit, the VRX578RUSB, which offers navigation and control of a range of audio and multimedia functions through a fully motorized 7” touch panel control that glides effortlessly upon command from its single DIN housing. An optional iPod control and built-in Bluetooth connectivity enables listening to music and streaming voice calls via a mobile phone and the unit also supports DVD R/DVD RW, CD R/CD RW, MP3, WMA and AAC file playback, as well being an Official DivX Certified product capable of playing all versions of DivX video including DivX 6.

As its name suggest, and like its predecessor the DXZ778RUSB, the VRX578RUSB supports USB with a hideaway terminal allowing the link up of MP3 players and subsequent access to 255 folders, each supporting up to 15,000 tracks (whether they’re MP3, WMA or the iTunes-friendly AAC files) all with album, artist and track information using ID3 tag data. A second, rear USB terminal and 2-Zone technology ensures that generational differences in musical taste won’t cause arguments between parents and kids on those long trips. The tykes in the back can be further silenced with a DVD or iPod stored video via means of additional add-on head rest or overhead monitors while those riding up front enjoy their choice of audio entertainment.

In the sound stakes the unit boasts a two-band parametric equalizer, Z-Enhancer Plus sound customization, Magna-Bass EX dynamic base enhancement - including separate Subwoofer volume control - and 4 x 50 watt MOS-FET amplification. A 24-bit D/A Converter delivers impressive audio resolution and clarity along with a built-in High-pass and Low-pass filters to match the audio signal to each channel, creating superior acoustics in the subwoofer, front and rear speakers.

The VRX578RUSB is available via Clarion appointed dealers with a typical selling price of £499.00.

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