If you like your nights out unusual, then look no farther. Visitors to the Clear Lounge bar in Cozumel, Mexico, are submerged in a 13,000-gal (59,100-l) tank of water while scented oxygen is pumped into their diving helmets. If that sounds mundane, then there's underwater Jenga to keep you occupied.

The company behind Clear Lounge is Sub Sea Systems, which was also responsible for the helmets used at the TechnoMarine underwater nightclub. The diving helmets used at Clear Lounge are an evolution of those.

Prior to being submerged, visitors must watch a five-minute briefing video and safety review. They then select the aromatherapy scent that they wish to have mixed with their oxygen, before entering the tank via a vertical ladder.

As participants lower themselves into the water, a staff member places one of the special helmets over their head. The helmets can be used by non-swimmers, and they encapsulate the wearer's head with the oxygen being pumped in. The sensation of breathing the oxygen is described as "invigorating."

Once a participant has descended fully into the tank, they can stand on the floor and walk about. It's possible to interact with spectators outside the tank through the glass, play underwater Jenga, and shoot bubble guns at targets. There's also an underwater photo booth, which Sub Sea Systems claims is another world first. The whole experience lasts for 20 minutes.

Clear Lounge opened in April this year, with experiences starting at US$38. The idea and technology can be bought or licensed by other venues.

The video below provides an overview of the Clear Lounge experience.

Source: Clear Lounge

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