At first glance, it might be hard for you to tell how the Click Keypad watch is a watch at all. Its face features a keypad like you might find on your computer, with no display to show you the time, date, or any other information like a traditional watch might.

How the watch does display those things is where the magic comes in. Tapping one of the numbered keys on the watch's keypad will cause the lights on the numbered keys to light up and show the time. For instance, if the time was 9:30, the light on the 9 would light up, followed by the 3, and then the zero.

Pressing the # sign on the keypad will initiate the same result, except instead of lighting up numbers corresponding to the time, the watch will light up the date. The whole process is bound to confuse those around you, and make for a unique conversation starter with new friends or at the office.

The Click KeyPad Hidden Time watch is available now from Watchismo in black, blue, white, brown and grey for US$89.99US.

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Still unsure on how the watch display would look when it's showing you the time? Check out a short video presentation of the timepiece in action below.

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