Have you ever wished you could change the weather to be more like somewhere else in the world? Well, travelers at Stockholm Arlanda Airport in Sweden can now experience just that. The airport's new Climate Portal simulates the weather from other locations in real time.

The Climate Portal houses three separate rooms, each of which hosts the conditions of a different location around the world. The rooms are themed around the concepts of "hot," "cold" and "big." An example of a hot location might be a one of the world’s deserts, while a cold location might be in some snowy mountains and a big location might be one of the world's big cities.

To recreate the weather conditions of a location in real time, the Climate Portal units are connected to several online weather services that monitor weather stations around the world. That data is then translated into the physical world using technology within the units.

In addition to the temperature changing in the spaces, wind gusts are also recreated. Sound and image technology is also used to provide context for each location.

The Climate Portal is located at Arlanda's terminal 5, gate F26 until the end of August.

The video below provide a brief introduction to the Climate Portal.

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