With its massive catalog of on-demand music and playlists specifically for working out, Spotify has plenty to offer fitness fanatics looking for some extra drive. But where it doesn't fit so well with an active lifestyle is the need for a clunky mobile device to deliver the audio. California-based startup Mighty Audio has taken aim at this problem, developing a small clip-on device that can play music from Spotify without the need for an Internet connection.

If you've ever been jogging with a smartphone in hand or pocket, then you can probably relate to the thinking behind Mighty. The device is designed to allow you to leave the unwanted baggage at home by providing a less cumbersome way to access your tunes. Kind of like an iPod Shuffle for the music streaming era.

The square-shaped Mighty measures 1.5 in (3.8 cm) along each side, 0.3 in (0.76 cm) thick and weighs 0.6 oz (17 g). The way the Android-powered device works is actually very similar to the way you would normally save Spotify tracks to a device for offline listening.

By pairing the device with an iPhone or Android phone over Wi-Fi and firing up the companion Mighty app, users can synch up to 48 hours worth of music to the 2 GB device for offline listening. With a 45-minute charge time, the battery is said to be good for more than five hours of playback, but the company hopes to boost this to more than 10 hours with future software updates.

Rather than a screen, Mighty relies on physical buttons for user control. These include the standard play, skip forward and back buttons along with volume control, while a small button in the corner allows toggling between playlists. Alternatively, a smartphone can be used as a remote control via Bluetooth connectivity, which also allows the use of wired or wireless headphones to tune in.

Mighty will require a Spotify Premium account to work, which runs at US$12 per month. It is also water-resistant, so it should survive if you're prone to getting a little sweaty during your workout.

The device itself is expected to cost less than $80. Its creators are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund commercial production, where early pledges of $70 will have a Mighty shipped your way in November if the campaign runs as planned.

You can check out the pitch video below.

Source: Kickstarter

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