Most of us don't live in houses large enough to accommodate standing sculptures, however much we may be taken by them. But creating a work of art that is also a piece of multi-functional furniture means more people could justify having such a piece in their homes. Paris-based Chinese designer Yuan Yuan has made such a union between art and function possible with The Cloud House.

The Cloud House is a sculpture made from "a combination of solid wood and plywood" that can be transformed into three different types of chair—"a rocking chair, a chair-bed and an armchair"—depending on which way it's positioned. The images of the piece suggest it's relatively easy to maneuver the piece into a new position to suit the owner's needs at any given moment, though doing so would clearly require considerable space.

The idea for the piece comes from Yuan Yuan's childhood dreams of playing in the clouds, and she states that "the plurality of forms inspire [within] me a sense of freedom." The Cloud House further offers "a semi-open and comfortable space for relaxation" which "adapts and changes according to positions." The choice of woods used give it "strength and flexibility, while also expressing elegance and lightness."

The Cloud House looks to be a one-off at the moment, with no indication of pricing or availability for those who may be so taken with the piece they want one in their own house or garden. Which is a shame, as this blurs the line between art and furniture in a very successful fashion.

Source: Yuan Yuan via NOTCOT

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