Cohesion Studio recently completed the Folly, an attractive rusted retreat that takes its place very well in the rugged desert landscape of Joshua Tree, California. The dwelling runs off-the-grid with solar power and features a novel bedroom with a removed roof section that lets visitors fall asleep beneath the night sky.

The two structures that make up the Folly have a combined floorspace of 850 sq ft (79 sq m). They're based on the site of an old dilapidated homestead that previously existed on the property and sport a steel cladding that's meant to naturally patina with the desert conditions.

The buildings share a wooden deck area with a sunken soaking tub and outdoor shower. The smaller of the two stores off-grid gear downstairs, with the stargazing bedroom upstairs.

Providing you're willing and able to make the climb up the ladder on the outside of the structure, it looks like a cosy place to take in the night sky (or the sun for that matter), and has the bed positioned towards the missing roof section, as well as a small dining area, a bio-ethanol fireplace, and a fridge.

The larger of the buildings includes a living/dining area with a two-person sofa bed, a kitchen, and a toilet. The indoor shower has a boulder installed and a large window offering views of the desert. Elsewhere, an indoor ladder leads to a loft bedroom that has integrated storage and is topped by a skylight.

The Folly gets all its power from a solar panel array and also features a greywater system. Visitors can control lighting and monitor energy usage via an iOS device.

Cohesion Studio is now working on building additional off-grid dwellings in The Hamptons and southern California, but for those interested in spending the night in the Folly, it's currently available to rent on Airbnb.

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