Probably best known for his home-made hoverbike or record-breaking mobility scooter, serial tinkerer and wacky garage inventor Colin Furze occasionally takes on build projects suggested by viewers of his popular YouTube channel. Such is the case for his latest build – a microwave oven with an LCD display panel squeezed into the door, and ports under the oven controls for feeding in games from a pocket console.

The Play-o-Wave oven was built in response to an idea suggestion from viewer Dan Ibston. Designed to make the short wait for a meal to cook a little more entertaining, the project sees Furze install a color display behind the viewing window in the oven's door and some audio/video ports below the microwave's program controls. The screen is activated with an on/off switch.

Furze does say that "Board Chefs" can connect any big name console to the oven, but he opted for a cheap box chocked full of what look like old school 8-bit games. The microwave still works as an oven, but extra shielding had to be installed in the door to prevent interference during normal operation. As a result, the door is a little chunkier than you'd find on an off-the-shelf microwave.

You can see the Play-o-Wave in action in the video below. Silly idea, but perfect for folks who would otherwise just stand in front of the microwave watching their TV dinners slowly rotate behind the door. Plus there's the extra challenge of trying to complete a game level before the end of program ping sounds.

Source: Colin Furze