When we previously reported on a concept for a collapsible scooter that could double as a belt, we suggested a crowdfunding project to make it a reality. As it happens, Hungarian designer Ádám Török has now launched such a campaign to further develop his idea, and eventually bring the scooter to market.

Török calls the scooter simply "w." He is planning to manufacture it out of plywood, stainless steel, PVC foam and polystyrene. At 2.3 kg (5 lb), it sounds a bit heavy for a belt, but definitely very light for a scooter.

His team is fundraising on Indiegogo to get things moving. For now, funders get perks for financing the development of the scooter. These consist of pocket tools in the shape of a monkey head or skull, made from stainless steel.

Ádám tells us the final version of w is about 70 percent complete, but that he wouldn't feel right offering the scooter itself before it's perfected.

Worldwide delivery is estimated for May 2016.

Source: Indiegogo

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