Do you have sharp programming skills, a passport and a love of adventure? If so, be aware that an ambitious new startup named ComeHackWithUs is currently seeking a dozen candidates to travel to a tropical island retreat and spend two months coding. You'll bring the ideas and the company will be tasked with providing the environment to help develop those ideas into a finished project.

Those interested in taking the trip should note that applicants will be required to submit a proposal detailing what project they would work on if successful, and convince the event’s organizers that they possess the right character to fit in and get down to work - this last point is perhaps the most important of all.

"An event like this can be totally ruined by having a bad apple present, so we'll make very sure we carefully select the people," said chief organizer Walter Heck, a programmer himself who was inspired to create the tropical hackathon following a previous hacking collective experience in Alaska which left a lasting impression.

In addition to proving they have what it takes, applicants will also be expected to make their own way to the event and pay a modest fee of approximately US$400 to take part. For this, the plucky programmers will be given food and board, and an experience which promises to be unforgettable.

The three-person team which comprises the Malaysian-based ComeHackWithUs has reported a strong interest in the project thus far and talks are said to be ongoing with potential sponsors to help with the costs of such an endeavor.

ComeHackWithUs is scheduled to take place either late 2012 or early 2013 and will probably be located in the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, or Bali. Those interested in taking part can fill in an application form by following the source link below.

Source: ComeHackWithUs via BBC