Carrying capacity and a little organization are a couple of essentials for travelers, and luggage startup Halton has taken aim at both with its new Commuter backpack. Currently on Kickstarter, the bag functions like a regular backpack when on the move, but can be unfurled into a multi-compartment flat organizer with a single unzipping.

With a 25-liter capacity and full waterproofing, the Commuter Backpack is a perfectly capable bag in its own right. There's a sturdy leather handle up top, an RFID-safe pocket, padded shoulder straps and a waist buckle for comfortable carry. It includes 17 compartments in all, including a shoe pocket, padded laptop sleeve and plenty of mesh or sealed pockets for different odds and ends.

But where the organization really kicks into gear is when the pack is unfolded entirely via a single zipper that runs along its entire length. Purpose-built hooks have been built into the top of what then becomes a hang-anywhere organizer bag, for your hotel room or the side of your car, offering ready and open access to all your belongings.

There are also optional attachments that can be hooked up to expand its functionality further, such as a hanging laundry bag or hip packs that can be pulled off and worn when on the move.

It's a neat idea that appears well executed, and the Kickstarter crowd seems to agree having pledged US$33,000 towards the campaign at the time of writing, already surpassing Halton's goal of $25,000. Of course, there is still plenty to play out, but a pledge of $145 will have a Halton Commuter backpack headed your way in July if everything goes to plan.

You can check out the pitch video below.

Source: Halton

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