Every now and then, something comes up for sale that completely blows your mind. This is one of those occasions, at least for serious Nintendo fans. A well known collector in the video game community is putting his complete US Super Nintendo collection up for sale at an asking price of US$25,000, but he is accepting other offers.

Every single game in this collection includes the box, and 85 percent of them include the manual. So why does someone amass the entire lineup of SNES games only to turn around and sell them? The seller, who goes by the name byuu, is the creator of the popular bsnes emulator, and to make sure every ROM available is perfect, and every scan of the cover is spot on, he spent three years building this collection, and essentially, he is looking to recover some of his losses.

While $25,000 might sound like an obscene price for a pile of video games, but to an avid collector, it's actually not a bad deal. It includes every single licensed SNES game, some of which can sell for over $300 without a box; add in the box, and the price goes up even more. Price aside, some of the games are nearly impossible to find. In all, the collection includes a total of 721 games, and seeing them all together like this is nearly unheard of.

The collection does not include unlicensed and promotional games. This means the coveted Nintendo Powerfest 1994, which can sell for over $12,000 by itself, is not included. Still what you get is every single licensed game, and that is impressive in and of itself.

Byuu breaks down the staggering amount of time it took to acquire and clean all these games, and in all, he estimates that he spent 2,000 hours buying, scanning, and dumping the games, and another 60 hours to clean each one of the cartridges.

He's not done yet; he intends to use the profits to start accumulating every single European and Japanese SNES game (or Super Famicom as it's known there) for the same purpose.

Source: Reddit

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