There are already bicycle locks that alert users when their untended bike is moved, along with tracking devices that let users know where to find their bike once it's been stolen. Paris-based Connected Cycle is now offering those same functions and others, in its smart pedal.

The aluminum-bodied Connected Cycle pedal generates all the power it needs using a built-in dynamo, and is able to access the internet on its own – so it doesn't need a paired smartphone to be within Bluetooth range, in order to transmit data to the cloud.

Its onboard sensors are able to detect when the bike has been moved, after the phone (and its user) have moved away from it. It will then send the user an alert, and will subsequently allow them to track its location. Even if the bike isn't stolen, the tracking feature will still allow them to locate it if they've forgotten where they parked, or if they let someone else borrow their bike.

On every ride, the pedal also tracks and records data including speed, route, incline and calories burned. Riders can retrieve that information from the cloud, using the accompanying app.

Installation is said to take just a couple of minutes using regular tools, although the pedal can only be removed using a special tool that comes with it. Needless to say, plans call for Connected Cycle pedals to be sold in pairs – each pair will consist of one smart pedal and one dummy.

The company unveiled the pedal this week at CES 2015, and plans to bring it to market later this year. Pricing has yet to be determined.

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