Better security and customization when your car recognizes you

Better security and customizat...
Continental will be showing off its latest in-car tech at CES 2017
Continental will be showing off its latest in-car tech at CES 2017
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Continental will be showing off its latest in-car tech at CES 2017
Continental will be showing off its latest in-car tech at CES 2017

Although big name concept car launches often steal the spotlight, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas also hosts a set of smaller reveals and demonstrations from original equipment manufacturers that, arguably, are more relevant to everyday buyers. CES 2017 will play host to a new set of biometric scanning tools from Continental, opening the door for smarter security and customization systems in future cars.

Fingerprint scanners are commonplace on smartphones and laptops, but they don't really feature in modern cars. Continental wants to change that with its fingerprint-enabled start button. Having entered the car using a regular keyless entry system, owners would need to scan a finger for the car to start. Not only would this make it harder for thieves to break in, it would also prevent teenagers or children from nicking mum's keys and going for a joyride.

Biometric tech could also be used for easier in-cabin personalization. Using a facial recognition camera, the car can move the mirrors, seating position, climate control and radio to match individual preferences as soon as a particular driver sits down in the seat.

Tesla has played around with this concept on the Model S, allowing drivers to save profiles in the infotainment system, but swapping between people involves diving into menus. If the Continental system works as advertised, it is a simpler and more user-friendly way to have the car set up for different drivers.

All this tech will be on display at CES 2017, where New Atlas will be on the ground covering the action.

Source: Continental

Bob Flint
Great so now more crap to fiddle with, thought that as long as your smartphone grants entrance start & departure is automatic.
See how that works at -30 with everything well frosted...
So how does it work for say a car jacking, or a valet trying to park or retrieve your car?
a neighbor has a VW bus... I thought he liked the bus aspect of the vehicle. He said he liked the simplicity. A Thoreau back to a simpler life?
Makes one long for simpler 60's vehicles.
And I can let my neighbor borrow it, but just handing him the key's.
Simplicity !!!
I've seen a lot of people that should have one on their fridg.
Bryan Paschke
@Bob Flint: More stuff to fiddle with? Looks to me like I'm going to be able to ditch my keys and only fiddle with the mirrors ONCE when I first get the car. Oh, and I'm sincerely unlikely to leave my thumbs sitting on my desk at work or at home.
Valet parking? For the twice a decade when I need it, I'll be more than happy to use whatever puck or physical key they will offer as a work around.
I'll be happy to use this tech!