You may think that the humble coffee table is something that couldn't be subjected to a high-tech makeover, but … yeah, you'd be wrong. The currently-crowdfunding Coosno is equipped with a mini fridge, voice control, Google Home and more.

In its "inert" state, Coosno is capable of wirelessly charging two mobile devices, along with cable-charging them via two USB ports or two standard power outlets – and yes, that means the Coosno table itself has to be plugged into a wall outlet.

Should users want to listen to some tunes, they can stream them from their smartphone to Coosno's six-speaker Bluetooth stereo system (there's also a 3.5-mm input plug). As those songs play, a pulsating 160,000-color 288-LED display in the tempered glass tabletop visualizes the music.

If users are thirsty, on the other hand, they can voice-command the table to open its fridge. It will respond by electronically lifting its top via a telescoping pedestal, revealing a circular Lazy Susan-type platform inside. That rotating platform can hold up to 68 chilled cans of beer, or other drinks or snacks.

And yes, Coosno also comes with Google Home tech preinstalled. Users can ask it questions, check the weather, remotely control their smart home features, and do all the same things they'd ordinarily do with a regular stand-alone Google Home unit. Should they not feel like talking, an iOS/Android app can also be used for functions such as opening/closing the fridge, controlling music playback, and selecting between different LED light patterns.

Oh yes, and there's also a drawer. You know, for storing remotes, magazines and stuff.

Coosno is presently the subject of an Indiegogo campaign, and is available in two sizes. The smaller Home model can be had for a pledge of US$299 (planned retail $799), while the larger Bar version goes for $399 (retail $999). Assuming it reaches production, shipping should take place next February.

You can see Coosno in action, in the video below.

Source: Indiegogo

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