You've probably heard the story about the old woman who lived in a shoe, but this fun dwelling offers a chance to try it out for real. Located in Huntsville, Texas, the aptly-named Cowboy Boot House has more room than appears at first glance and actually looks perfectly livable.

There's quite a bit more to the Cowboy Boot House than its boot-shaped street-facing side implies, and the boot is connected to a small bungalow that increases interior space to a total of 711 sq ft (216 sq m) floorspace.

The interior includes two bedrooms, a single bathroom, and a kitchen. A spiral staircase leads to a rooftop deck located on the top of the boot part of the home. One of the bedrooms is accessed by ladder.

Though clearly designed with an eye on the budget, the utilitarian decor suits the whimsical nature of the home well and it includes some nice touches, like the custom cabinetry with boot buckle-style drawer pulls. That said, a house like this obviously isn't for everyone.

The Cowboy Boot House was completed in 2016 by Dan Phillips of local building initiative the Phoenix Commotion, which specializes in building small, affordable homes using reclaimed materials while training up unskilled apprentices.

If you'd like to try it on for size, the home is currently available for rent at US$1,200 per month. And if you're wondering what the neighbors will think, don't worry. The Houston Chronicle reports that a cowboy hat-shaped home is planned for next door.

Source: via MNN

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