CPU Technology's SystemLab PS promises accelerated auto development

CPU Technology's SystemLab PS ...
SystemLab PS Platform Simulato
SystemLab PS Platform Simulato
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SystemLab PS Platform Simulato
SystemLab PS Platform Simulato

April 4, 2008 CPU Technology will demonstrate the SystemLab PS Platform Simulator at the SAE 2008 World Congress in Detroit, from April 14-17. Currently being used with complex military vehicles, the high-fidelity system can simulate an entire suite of automotive electronic control units in real time.

“Improving the productivity of automotive development will come from the next generation of modeling and simulation technology,” said Ed King, founder and CEO of CPU Tech. “That technology has finally arrived with SystemLab PS and it can significantly accelerate the time to market for automobiles with increasingly complex and numerous E/E systems. This will bring tremendous benefits throughout the automotive ecosystem.”

Gail Walters, Chief Scientist for CPU Tech, said “Newer vehicles can have up to 100 microprocessors interacting with each other. The testing and integration of the hardware and software for these complex electronic systems has become a major influence point for determining how quickly and efficiently automakers can offer new electronic capabilities. The SystemLab PS Platform Simulator allows software and system engineers to simulate and validate all of the electronics of an automobile in real-time prior to building any hardware. The extraordinary visibility and control, combined with the high fidelity models running the actual software code at real time speeds, offers significant improvements in testing, debugging, and time to market. SystemLab PS can be integrated with other simulators to create a true and complete ‘virtual automobile’.”

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