Technology is helping tea lovers in the quest for the perfect cuppa and this new tea making device promises all that and less mess. Developed by Chai Master, Craftea, aims to simplify the preparation process while at the same time extracting as much flavor as possible from the ingredients and preventing messy boil-overs.

So what is Craftea's brewing secret? The unit uses the company’s proprietary "Vortex" technology, which makes use of a magnetically coupled stirrer in the center of the kettle. The kettle is inductively heated around the bottom half, which increases efficiency and safety, as the top part is not heated. The stirrer action draws the heat from the vessel walls and creates a faster, more dynamic fusion process, extracting as much flavor as possible from the tea without shredding the contents.

The stirrer action is also designed to prevent annoying boil-overs if we happen to turn our attention away from the kettle, and when milk is introduced to the chai-making process it minimizes scorching due to the continuous motion it creates.

"Our vision was to make a revolutionary appliance that brings convenience, consistency and customization to a time honored beverage," say Craftea creators Pratima and Jitu Keshav. "We believe in the traditional rituals of serving tea and chai, with each individual having their own special twist."

The unit produces one to four cups and pre-programmed settings for various tea types make it possible to get creative and prepare a range of drinks, including tea lattes, cocktails and various herbal infusions. It also allows users to repeat their favorite tea recipes and formulas by saving their brew settings.

Craftea is made of 100 percent stainless steel and BPA-free materials. The kettle, stirrer, sieve and lid are dishwasher-compatible.

Chai Master says Craftea will begin shipping in March. The company is taking pre-orders through its website at a discounted price of US$199, including free shipping within the US. The estimated retail price will be $249.

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