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Crayola ColorStudio HD – inter...
Crayola iMarker digital stylus
Crayola iMarker digital stylus
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Crayola iMarker digital stylus
Crayola iMarker digital stylus

Griffin Technology and Crayola have joined forces to launch "an entirely new digital play experience" in the form of the Crayola ColorStudio HD. Announced at CES this week, the system brings together a custom-built Crayola iMarker digital stylus with an iPad application that gives a high-tech edge to coloring by allowing kids to interact with the animated pages featuring music and special effects.

"Imagine a coloring book that morphs and changes as kids digitally color it in," said Warren Schorr, Head of Crayola Licensing. "This application is taking a classic play pattern and bringing it totally outside the box."

The iMarker is used acts as a marker, crayon, pen, and paintbrush all in one. It is designed to work fluidly with iPad’s multi-touch display and also prevents the app from getting confused between fingers and colouring.

This app is equipped with a vast library of games, activities and themes including, under the sea, jungle and playtime.

Crayola ColorStudio HD is priced at US$29.99 and will be available from March 2011. It includes Crayola iMarker (AA batteries included), a free download of the ColorStudio HD App, periodic content updates, and built-in user tutorials.

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