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Creative Digital LX200 MP3 player

Creative Digital LX200 MP3 pla...
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August 2, 2003 Featuring a built-in memory of 256MB, FM radio and voice recording capabilities, the LX200 is the latest in ultra-portable, multi-functional MP3 Players from Creative Digital. Weighing 51 grams and only 17.5 mm thick, the LX200 plays MP3 and WMA music formats and doubles as a removable USB storage device.The on-board LCD screen provides visualizer effects and displays music track and artist name and the rechargeable built-in Li-Ion battery provides up to 10 hours of playtime according to Creative, which expects the device to be available in Australia and New Zealand from this month at a cost of AUD$379 inc GST.The 256MB LX200 is finished in dark grey and a 128MB silver version - the MP3 Player LX100 will also be available for AUD$279 inc GST.

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