If you’re the kind of person whose wallet or purse is overflowing with credit cards, and locating the lone card that hasn’t yet been maxed out is proving more and more difficult, the Credit Card Holder could be just what you need. Unfortunately, it won’t help you pay off said card, but it will make it easier to find the card you want, when you need it.

The Credit Card Holder accommodates six cards that can be extracted using the device’s buttons, which feature symbols to identify the respective cards. The unit comes with 18 interchangeable buttons with easy to recognize symbols. Naturally, the Credit Card Holder can be used to store any credit card-sized card, so there are also symbols for ATM and other cards.

The unit also contains a plastic card-sized sheath to store passport-sized photos or other odds and ends and there is a bill clip on the back for those embarrassing situations when all your cards are declined.

The Credit Card Holder is available here in silver or black and is priced at US$52.44 – payment by credit card is accepted.

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