Crossbow Snow Launcher goes one up in 'cold war' arms race

Crossbow Snow Launcher goes one up in 'cold war' arms race
The Crossbow Snow Launcher fires snowballs up to 60 ft (18 m)
The Crossbow Snow Launcher fires snowballs up to 60 ft (18 m)
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The Crossbow Snow Launcher fires snowballs up to 60 ft (18 m)
The Crossbow Snow Launcher fires snowballs up to 60 ft (18 m)

With winter fast approaching in the northern hemisphere and snowbound hostilities due to recommence in neighborhoods across the globe it might be worth updating your arsenal with this Crossbow Snow Launcher from The Sharper Image. With the ability to shoot snowballs distances of up to 60 feet (18 m) the device is sure to give you the upper hand in any Hoth-like conflict without the risk of tearing a rotator cuff.

To prime the device, simply place a ball in the front, pull back the lever until it locks and you're ready to aim and fire. An included snowball press that churns out three perfectly sized snowballs at a time ensures you'll have a nice stockpile of ammo, while the ergonomic design and improved launching mechanism means your trigger finger will just be getting warmed up while your adversary's arms are tiring. It also comes with a vinyl target to let you get your eye in before entering into target-rich environments.

Despite the image on The Sharper Image website appearing to be only a computer render, the device is apparently available now for US$39.99.

Michael Marshall
Just gotta say, this thing would shatter within an hour during the dead of winter where I live. Way to cold for plastic and rubber.
re; Michael Marshall
If it is that cold your snow does not make worthwhile snowballs anyway.
Douglas Walsh
Have you thought about the potential danger to children who use this thing? If the launcher can shoot snowballs up to 60 feet, what do you think would happen when a child shoots one at another kid, who is only about 10-15 feet away? Obviously, if this \"toy\" has sufficient force to shoot 60 feet, the snowball hitting someone only 10 feet away is going to cause injury....maybe death if the snowball strikes the child in the head.
Ronald S. Harris
Don\'t be scared its a snowball
Will Sharp
re Douglas Walsh,
Only if they fire, say, rocks or ice out of it. A snowball wouldn\'t kill anyone no matter how fast it\'s traveling...well, unless you try breaking the sound barrier with it or something. You can throw snowballs 60 feet easily if you toss it at a high enough arc - that\'s probably what they mean by this shooting it 60 feet.
Are our kids getting so lazy they can\'t even throw their own snowballs? Sheesh!
@Douglas Walsh The 60 feet must be maximum range meaning it\'s not really that powerful - most older kids can likely throw that far if they go for range when throwing.
Of course the thing must be used using common sense but that\'s no different from most active toys or just throwing snowballs and I suppose the skill/strength needed to load the thing will leave out the youngest Dennis the Menace types from using this.
Carlos Grados
Sounds like fun for a parent-child toy that the family can use for target practice.
David Nichols
Spray your snowballs with water and let \'em freeze. Now THAT would be fun !
Renārs Grebežs
David, that would probably decrease the performance of this snowlauncher, as the mass of the snow balls would increase.