With winter fast approaching in the northern hemisphere and snowbound hostilities due to recommence in neighborhoods across the globe it might be worth updating your arsenal with this Crossbow Snow Launcher from The Sharper Image. With the ability to shoot snowballs distances of up to 60 feet (18 m) the device is sure to give you the upper hand in any Hoth-like conflict without the risk of tearing a rotator cuff.

To prime the device, simply place a ball in the front, pull back the lever until it locks and you're ready to aim and fire. An included snowball press that churns out three perfectly sized snowballs at a time ensures you'll have a nice stockpile of ammo, while the ergonomic design and improved launching mechanism means your trigger finger will just be getting warmed up while your adversary's arms are tiring. It also comes with a vinyl target to let you get your eye in before entering into target-rich environments.

Despite the image on The Sharper Image website appearing to be only a computer render, the device is apparently available now for US$39.99.