What goes up must come down, and standing desks operating at the mercy of indecisive office workers are no different. There's plenty of mechanically adjustable desks designed to lighten the load for tired typists, and now office furniture specialist NextDesk wants to give your standard cubicle the same versatility. The CrossOver can be plonked down on any old desk and transformed into a raised workstation with a push of a button.

From the $25 Oristand right up to the $350 Variedesk, those looking to alter their working stances throughout the day have lots of ways to do so without breaking the bank. But the CrossOver borrows something we've generally seen only up the swanky end of standing desk-town: motorized parts that take care of the heavy lifting.

Available in bamboo, rubberwood or a recycled wood composite, it hides a 24-volt motor inside that allows it to switch between heights ranging from 0.5 and 20.75 in (1.27 and 52.7 cm) with the push of a button, rising 1.5 in per second. It is also claimed to be capable of lifting 100 lb (45.3 kg).

The standard issue CrossOver is controlled via up and down buttons, but as an optional extra users can add a programmable memory controller that stores four of their favored heights. This add-on also brings with it an LED display to indicates height.

Priced at US$447 (add $50 for the memory controller), the CrossOver is far from the cheapest standing desk solution around. But compared to other complete mechanical self-lifters like MisterBrightLight at $3,400, it doesn't seem too outrageous. The CrossOver is available for preorder now, with shipping slated for March 2016.

Source: NextDesk

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