There is a wide variety of standing desks available for those who prefer standing to sitting while at work. From the Upstanding Desk to the Levit8, consumers have a lot of choice. Unfortunately, a lot of those choices are out of the price range of ordinary people. But not Oristand, which costs just $25.

Like offerings from Refold and Chairigami, Oristand is a standing desk made completely from cardboard. It can be stored flat, and unfolded as and when it's needed. It then sits on your desk, turning it from a sit-down desk to a standing desk.

Oristand was born when Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite, found himself using a cardboard box and phone book as an impromptu standing desk. He then designed Oristand with a little help from architect Steve Suchy and industrial designer Nathan Martell.

Being made of cardboard gives Oristand some distinct advantages and disadvantages over the competition. On the positive side, it's cheap, light (2 lb/0.9 kg), portable, and 100 percent recyclable. On the down side, it's not the sturdiest or longest-lasting of products, and it will be liable to damage from even the smallest of drink spills.

On the technical side, Oristand can support up to 60 lb (27 kg) of weight and has a keyboard area measuring in at 10 x 21 inches (25.5 x 53.5 cm). It should be compatible with anyone measuring in between 5 feet (152 cm) and 6 feet (183 cm) when used on a table that's 29 inches (73 cm) tall.

Oristand is available to order online for US$25 plus shipping, which is pegged at $10 no matter how many you buy. Unfortunately, it's currently only available in the US and Canada, with international shipping an option for the future.

The video below shows Oristand in action.

Source: Oristand

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