We have previously covered several innovative standing desks here at Gizmag, such as the XTable and UpWrite. These have all required starting from scratch, which is usually a costly endeavor. The UpStanding Desk offers a simpler and more affordable way to switch from sitting to standing – it's a unit that sits atop a normal desk or table, converting it into a functional standing desk.

The UpStanding Desk, developed by the New York-based Sam Carmichael and Mikey Chen, is a lightweight structure designed to turn any normal desk into a standing desk. Made from just five pieces of Canadian birch plywood that is precision-cut and flat-packed for easy shipping, the UpStanding Desk has a multi-level work surface to suit most needs.

The assembled UpStanding Desk weighs just 10 pounds (4.5kg), and it can, with practice, be assembled or disassembled in under a minute. The plywood is hand-sanded for a soft finish, and the pieces lock together without any need for fasteners.

The assembled product can support up to 200 pounds (91 kg) and features an eye-level surface for a monitor and a low-level surface for either a laptop or keyboard and mouse. It also features a channel for smartphones or tablets, and slots aplenty for cable management.

The UpStanding Desk will come in Standard and Double-Wide versions, both of which can be further specified as either Normal – for users between 5'2" and 6'2" (157-188cm) – or Tall – for users between 6' and 6'8" (183-203 cm).

Backers of the Standard UpStanding Desk are being asked to pledge US$200, with the Double-Wide UpStanding Desk promised to those pledging US$250. The project has already surpassed its funding goal, so shipping should begin from mid-May.

Unfortunately, though understandably, the UpStanding Desk is only being shipped inside the United States, with interested parties elsewhere in the world offered a vague "we will definitely look into it!." In the mean time, they're advised to pledge at the US$25 level to receive the plans needed for the UpStanding Desk to be manufactured at a fabrication shop.

The Kickstarter campaign video below shows Carmichael and Chen discussing the genesis of the UpStanding Desk.

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