The Crovel Tactical by Gearup Center is part lethal weapon and part outdoors multi-tool, packing three sharp edges, a saw, a spike, and a bottle opener into a compact three-pound (1.3-kg) shovel, which is correctly weighted for hurling like a throwing axe. With a keen eye on marketing, the company cites the Crovel Tactical as an ideal piece of kit for survivalists, campers, and budding zombie-slayers.

Most of the Crovel Tactical's features are located on its sharpened chromoly steel shovel head, which can serve as an axe, and also has a serrated saw edge and bottle opener, for good measure. From the demonstration video below, the unit looks to be suitably robust and chops halfway through a fallen tree without issue.

The reversible "Super Spike" can be swapped for a slingshot, sold separately

The Crovel Tactical’s threaded hollow tubular handle, which is wrapped in paracord, sports a reversible “Super Spike” at the handle end, allowing the user to wield the shovel without hurting themselves. If preferred, the Super Spike can also be replaced with a screw-on slingshot, which is sold separately.

While the Super Spike can be used for mundane tasks like breaking ice, splitting wood and chipping rocks, inventor of the Crovel Tactical Tim Ralson seems more keen to promote its usefulness for impaling the undead. Indeed, couple it with a Hyundai Zombie Survival Machine and you'd be pretty much unstoppable in a zombie apocalypse.

The Crovel Tactical is sold at a price of US$109.99, though there is an estimated 45 to 90 day waiting time for delivery, so fingers crossed the walking dead don't rise in the meantime. More details are available in the video below.

Source: GearUpCenter via Uncrate

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