After teaming up with the Porsche Design Studio in 2013 for a 201-inch outdoor television, and then moving indoors a few years later with a 262-inch 4K monster, C Seed has now gone back outside for a 301 diagonal inch behemoth that, like its 2013 predecessor, folds up its seven panels and lowers the TV and support column below ground when not in use.

The "world's largest outdoor TV" is made from carbon fiber and titanium. At the push of a button on the remote, the 301 will rise from its underground home, reaching its full height of 6 m (19 ft) in 25 seconds. It then takes a further 40 seconds for the seven panels to unfold and interlock, before the visuals fire up and the movie party can get started on the 301-inch (7.6 m) screen.

The choice of build materials means that the gargantuan gogglebox can withstand wind loads of 50 km/h. Any more and the TV will automatically fold up and retract into its below-ground compartment.

The 301 is also surprisingly light for its size, tipping the scales at just 1,650 kg (3,637.6 lb). It rocks some 3,956,736 LEDs, has a luminosity rating of 4,500 nits that means it can be watched in direct sunlight, a 4,500:1 contrast ratio, and 48-bit color depth supporting the display of 281 trillion colors.

It can support content at up to 4K resolution, with HDR technology offering more lifelike viewing, and the built-in sound system is made up of six speakers and three subwoofers for a total power output of 2,700 watts.

Now for the bad news... and you may want to sit down for this. The retail price for the C Seed 301 is around US$1.5 million. The order books are open now, shipping is expected to start mid-2020.

Source: C Seed

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