CT2K ultralight for personalised long-distance travel

CT2K ultralight for personalised long-distance travel
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November 23, 2004 The CT2K ultralight sports aircraft is so compact it almost looks like a toy. Yet with only a 9.3m wingspan, 2.16m height, 6.22m width and 262kg (empty) weight, it can travel over 2,000 km on a full tank. German designers and manufacturers Flight Design has been selling the ultralight CT2K plane throughout Europe and now it is flying high in over a dozen countries in a resurgence of personalised, ultralight flight.

Piloted by Norbert Metzli and Hekel Peter, the CT2K won the 2003 Austrian Ultralight Championship. It's latest international adventure saw pilots Rolf Bausewein and Harro Lorenz fly from Eggersdorf, Germany all the way to Constable Point in Greenland and back - a journey of 10,227 kms - in only 66.25 hours.

The CT2K ultralight is built completely with carbon fibre technology. Instead of having a Gel coat finish (which is not UV resistant), the CT2K has a 2 component polyurethane finish making it highly resistant to UV exposure and very durable. Carbon fibre aircraft construction offers great advantages in terms of strength, durability, weight-savings, corrosion-resistance, and fatigue-resistance.

The CT2K was developed by Flight Design engineers and manufactured and tested with the latest quality management and control techniques. All materials used in the construction of the CT2K correspond to DIN or aviation standard. The CT2K has been checked and recognised by diverse aviation authorities in different countries. In addition to the quality controls during production, each airplane passes through two independent final quality control inspections before being delivered to the customer.

In 12 months of extensive flight testing the CT2K passed with flying colours. In addition to doing 76 spin tests and the practical flutter tests, the CT2K passed all ground testing which included wing flex testing (which is only required for airliners).

On the inside the CT2K's generous dimensions, easy to adjust seats, ergonomic arrangement of instruments and controls, convenient map holder, excellent ventilation and heating make travel very comfortable and fatigue free. It has large luggage compartments that can fit everything for your trip and is licensed to carry the maximum Australian overall weight of 544kg.

With a low weight, increased power, higher performance and additional load-carrying capability, the CT2K now has even greater application for flight training as well as everyday operation. In addition, the CT2K is more stable and easier to fly.

Overall, the CT2K is a comfortable, agile sports aircraft with excellent visibility, a high cruise speed and great range for around US $58,000 and minimal ongoing operational costs.


Rotax 912 80 HP / 5,800 rpmRotax 912S 100 HP / 5,800 rpmFuel: premium unleaded, or AVGAS 100 LLAverage fuel consumption: 8-24s litres per hour

Weights & Dimensions

Minimum empty aircraft weight (approx.)262 kg

Maximum Design take off weight 600 kg

Maximum Allowable take off weight - Australia 544 kg

Minimum single pilot weight60 kg

Wing area 10.8 m2

Wingspan 9.3 m

Overall height 2.16 m

Overall length 6.22 m

Max. cabin interior width 1.24 m

Fuel capacity 130l


VSO (minimum speed) 35 knots IAS VNO: green arc 152 knots IAS 152 knots IAS VCR 75% With 912 (75% = 60 hp ) 127 knots IAS VCR 75% With 912S (75% = 75 hp) 132 knots IAS

VNE Maximum airspeed (red line) 168 knots IAS take-off run 90 m take-off distance over 50 ft obstacle 160 m range with 130 l (30 min reserve) 1,100 nm

climbing performance 80 HP / 100 HP 690 / 1000 ft/min

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Neat looking little LSA. Excellent range, too. Wonder when we'll see some of these in the US.