If you thought micro-pistons were only found in very small cars, think again. These rapid-action mechanical cufflinks are made up of more than 45 micro-components, micro-pistons are just some of them. These super high-tech mechanical cufflinks with their exclusive pushpiece system for easy locking and unlocking will save time when dressing for that black tie engagement – probably micro-seconds.

Made from 18ct gold and titanium, these cufflinks are sure to be the talk of the party – unless you’re too discreet to show them off. Created by high-end watchmaker Romain Gauthier, the mechanical cufflinks comprise micro-joints, micro-springs and micro-pistons (but no micro-price).

And their unique safety system prevents any accidental loss of the cufflinks while wearing them. But we’re convinced that 007 or others of his ilk will find a more sinister use for these fashion accessories.

So, if you can’t think of anything to buy for the man in your life who has everything … we doubt that he’ll have a pair of these.