It was only a matter of time before some custom shop got hold of the new Indian Springfield and put its stamp on this quick-change artist that can go from bagger to cruiser and back in a matter of minutes. The result is the Frontier 111, a modern retro bagger from Azzkikr Custom Baggers in Phoenix, Arizona.

From the front of the bike to the tail, Azzkikir stayed with a clean flowing line while remaining true to the Springfield's roots as a classic bagger or cruiser. The front incorporates the current trend toward big wheels with a 26-inch spoked example wrapped in Metzeler rubber. But suspension is decidedly old school, taking shape in a bold and out there handcrafted sprung front end.

A custom-made triple tree from KewlMetal, a skirted front fender and a hand-formed aluminum hub hiding a modern braking system – the stock Springfield comes with ABS – completes a front end that grabs the eye right away.

Take a look at the Frontier 111's mid section and you'll notice other nods to the past; including a jockey or suicide shifter, a tank that's been modified for a more vintage look, and a hand-tooled leather seat.

Out back, you'll find hand-formed side panels, rear fender, vintage tail light assembly, and side bags. The latter are removable, in keeping with the original Springfield's changeability. When in place, they hide the stock 16-inch spoked rear wheel.

The most decidedly modern element of the Frontier 111 is the air ride system that keeps the bike at the factory seat height of 26 inches, but lowers the bike for show to nearly ground level, and this custom is clearly meant to show.

Azzkikr made no modifications to the stock 111 cu. inch engine that's available on all Indians but the Scouts. However, a custom two-into-one exhaust was created that doesn't detract from the overall design of the Frontier 111, and more than likely adds some extra oomph to a bike that was already capable of kicking out a peak torque of 119.2 lb.ft (162 Nm).

There's no information available on where it might be headed, but with rally and show season now getting into full swing, this bike will likely get plenty of exposure in the coming months.

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