While it is possible for video bloggers to do multi-camera productions, they pretty much have to record everything with every camera, then go back and edit between them. The Cutbox Studio system, however, allows users to cut live between three included cameras.

Using the included 33-ft (10-m) cables, the three 1080p/30fps interchangeable-lens cameras are hard-wired to the Cutbox Base Station, which is basically a computer with custom switching software pre-installed. It's also possible to feed in an additional HDMI video source (such as a computer), along with two mics or other audio sources.

Once the production is underway – either recorded on an SD card or live-streamed – the user/director simply utilizes their mouse to switch between the cameras and the HDMI video, along with riding the audio levels. Besides doing straight cuts, it's also possible to do effects such as two-, three- and four-way split screens, and video insets.

And just like in a real TV studio, red LED tally lights on the cameras indicate which one is currently selected.

Of course, a lot of video bloggers are one-person bands. With that in mind, it's also possible for users to appear on-camera while also switching between cameras by using a handheld wireless remote that has a range of 50 ft (15 m). That remote can also be used to start and stop recording.

Once the production is over, users can simply take the composite recording of the show as it was live-switched, and upload it. If they want to do some post-production tweaking, however, the Base Station also records uninterrupted feeds from each of the cameras and the HDMI video (along with the audio track) while the production is in progress.

This means that if the user decides that a certain part of the show would have looked better from a different camera's perspective, for instance, they can simply take that camera's recorded video and edit it in.

If Cutbox Studio sounds like your cup of tea, it's currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. Assuming it reaches production, a pledge of US$499 (planned retail $799) will get you a system in which you have to supply your own monitor, mic and SD card. A package that includes those things can be yours for $599 (retail $899).

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