As cars become more complicated, cutting people out of a crash involves navigating a web of airbags and high-voltage components. Mercedes is aiming to make life easier for emergency services with the new Rescue Assist App, which provides augmented reality imagery indicating where danger might lurk beneath a car's skin.

The app contains digital rescue cards for the entire Mercedes range, along with information about some Fuso models as well. Each card is accompanied by a three-dimensional model, allowing the user to rotate and zoom into specific areas, something which is useful when trying to work out where to apply the cutters. Working with these 3D models is new augmented reality functionality, rendering internal components over the top of the real accident site.

To make sure this information is always available, the full range of rescue cards is available offline. All new Mercedes will have a clearly visible QR code on their b-pillars and inside the fuel filler flap, and when the code is scanned the relevant card will open on the app. Owners of older cars can also have the codes retrofitted to their vehicles.

The app is free to download, and available on iOS and Android.

Source: Daimler

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