Darth Vader meets Desktop Speaker Design

Darth Vader meets Desktop Speaker Design
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Sunday October 5, 2003

The JBL Creature 3 piece speaker system sits squarely in the incredibly crowded desktop speaker market at AUD$267, but has managed to differentiate itself with the most amazing shape that immediately brings to mind the sleek lines of Darth Vader's helmet. As Gizmo learned during a trial of the system, striking design does not hinder performance - the powerful subwoofer provides clean low bass and along with both satellite speakers (mini-creatures), it is magnetically shielded to provide protection against image interference on the computer monitor.

The subwoofer (24watts at 10%) sits under the desk and the two mini-creatures (8watts each at 10%) sit either side of the monitor to deliver powerful crisp sound at the very high end of the market quality-wise.

The sound levels are adjustable with a quite unique capacitance touch system on the right mini-creature and bass and treble is adjustable via nodules on the subwoofer.

The creatures come in silver, white and metallic blue and metallic silver and both of the satellites have green LEDs which allow for a very cool desktop when the lights are low.

View gallery - 3 images
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