1Password is your best defense against data breaches

1Password is your best defense...
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As hackers get smarter, data breaches are a more real threat to our private information than ever before — in fact, 35 percent of Americans have stated they would lose trust in an organization after a data breach. And, while you can’t stop a large-scale cyber attack from releasing private data, you can do more to protect your personal information on your end.

Enter 1Password: the ultimate enterprise password manager. 1Password suggests strong passwords for you to use, then saves them in your vault so you can fill them with a click when you need them. 1Password provides end-to-end encryption, which means that without your Master Password and Secret Key, your data is completely inaccessible.

1Password also protects you against human error, which is the most common cause of data breaches. With 1Password, you can securely share passwords among team members. 1Password also allows you to control who has access to passwords; one of the best ways to minimize the risk of a data breach is to ensure that only the people who need access to secure data, have it.

Layered security is the best protection against any data breach, and if you’re looking for somewhere to start, 1Password is your best defense. Get started with your free trial here.