2020 Tesla Model 3 up for grabs – enter to win

2020 Tesla Model 3 up for grab...
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Making a name for itself since 2003, Tesla has become the pinnacle of class, luxury, and opulence. Because of the brand's exclusivity, only a small fraction of the universe is lucky enough to rev up a Tesla Model 3. Thanks to this offer, you can include yourself among those elite.

Entering will put you in the mix as a potential winner who will drive away in a 2020 Tesla Model 3. With a pearl white finish and all-black interior, the car boasts a top speed of 140 MPH which you can zoom to easily, since it goes from 0-60 MPH in about 5.3 seconds.

The lucky winner will not only leave behind their old car but also the expense of gas and strain on the environment, as the Model 3 is part of the company's mission to go fully electric with their products.

Other features of this automobile include rear-wheel drive, a 250-mile range, and 18" aero wheels. Not to mention the autopilot function, which makes this vehicle extra sleek.

Still unsure of how truly extravagant this car is? U.S. Newsweek can attest that the 2020 Tesla Model 3 is, "surprisingly athletic, and it delivers an incredible all-electric driving range." As far as electric cars go, this is gold star.

This car encompasses elegance and sophistication all in one. Usually it retails for $39,990, but not for the winner of this prize (who may also chose a $25,000 USD option).

Those who know luxury understand the best things in life are free, just like this Tesla could be.

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